Insect Guide - Dark Days & Nights (2010)

Noisy 80’s style indie rock: you need deep simple basslines, female vocals while guitars twang and feedback, it’s a simple enough formula but one that is surprisingly still effective, Insect Guide’s second album is a tight little record that has elements of noise and drone, but always in service to the song.

Opening with the bright one two punch of Wasted and This City is a fine idea, they are two of the poppiest moments here and lead the listener into the more atmospheric tracks.

Vocalist Su Sutton affects a haughty nonchalance which suits the material well but occasionally overreaches into too-cool-for-school boredom (though on in the odd place comes off kinda sounding like Sonya from Echobelly, which I doubt was the intention), and while sometimes the songs don’t quite live up to their influences on tracks like album highlight Down From Here and Disco Tents the whole shebang comes together rather well (although admittedly the shebang also sounds very much like the Jesus and Mary Chain, but when has that ever been a bad thing?).

Insect guide are not afraid to make pop songs among the noise and even though they don’t quite pull it off throughout the whole record, they are fighting the good fight.

Insect Guide
Dark Days & Nights
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1. Wasted
2. This City
3. 10
4. Dark Days & Nights
5. Crushed
6. Tape
7. Insider
8. Down From Here
9. Disco Tents
10. Hearts Don't Break
11. Bats
12. Float

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Squirrel Records, Dead Penny Records, Moorworks
United Kingdom
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