The Young Veins - Take a Vacation! (2010)


The split between Panic! at the Disco’s Ryan Ross and John Walker & Brendon Urie and Spencer Smith (the latter two of whom stayed in the band…holy conjunctions, Batman) was hardly surprising to anyone who heard the band’s divisive second album 'Pretty. Odd.' While plenty of folks enjoyed that album, the rift amongst bandmates made it clear that Panic at the Disco never planned on paying homage to The Beatles. But when Ross and Walker formed The Young Veins just weeks after word of their departure from Panic! (who was now reunited with their estranged exclamation point), fans of 'Pretty. Odd'. were largely pleased to hear that this new band would indeed embrace a retro flavor. On their debut album, 'Take a Vacation!', The Young Veins craft a love letter to the surf-rock bands of decades past.

At eleven tracks totaling less than half an hour, The Young Veins certainly have the theory of ’60s pop-rock down. Very short songs with emphasis on backing vocals, simple arrangements and elementary beats are the standard. The title track sounds like it could have been lifted from a forgotten American Bandstand act, while “The Other Girl” sounds like an old Beach Boys tune.

'Take a Vacation!' is a sunny, uplifting treat of an album worth at least a spin in the stereo of your (clearly updated if it’s playing CD’s) ’67 Ford Mustang as you head to the beach some day this summer.

Named by Spin as one of 30 Must-Hear Artists at Bonnaroo 2010!

The Young Veins
Take a Vacation!
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1. Change
2. Take a Vacation!
3. Cape Town
4. Maybe I Will, Maybe I Won't
5. Young Veins (Die Tonight)
6. Everyone But You
7. The Other Girl
8. Dangerous Blues
9. Defiance
10. Lie to the Truth
11. Heart of Mine
12. Nothing Matters But You

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One Haven Music
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