Math and Physics Club - I Shouldn't Look As Good As I Do (2010)

Long-awaited second album from Seattle pop darlings Math and Physics Club! The band first captured our hearts in 2005 with the charming `Weekends Away' EP, which quickly sold out of its initial pressing. The band's brand of literate acoustic-based guitar pop has garnered frequent comparisons to The Smiths, Belle and Sebastian, and labelmates The Lucksmiths, and their self-titled debut full length was named best indiepop album of 2006 by PopMatters. Picking up where their excellent 2007 `Baby I'm Yours' EP left off, Math and Physics Club return with their first long player in nearly four years.

Math and Physics Club
I Shouldn't Look As Good As I Do
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1. Jimmy Had A Polaroid
2. We Make A Pair
3. Trying To Say I Love You
4. Everybody Loves A Showtune
5. Love or Loneliness
6. Will You Still Love Me?
7. I’ll Tell You Anything
8. The Internationale
9. I’ve Been That Boy
10. We’re So DIY

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Matinée Recordings
United States
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