Midas Fall - Eleven. Return And Revert (2010)

Not exactly the quick-fix that may be assumed by the vibrant album artwork, a little adventurous peek into the world of Midas Fall will be repaid in the form of a musical porthole to untouched lands. 
"Eleven. Return and Revert" is clearly a labour of unhurried love. Whilst featuring delicate debut single ‘Century’, it is first track ‘Movie Screens’ which is most likely to ensure Elizabeth Heaton’s ghostly vocals flutter through playlists this year. The exquisitely orchestrated assembly of guitars, synths, bass and drums are woven together by vocal shadows, quintessentially playful and evasive. ‘My Radio Star’ packs a punch with upbeat mysticism, and although others such as ‘War Pigeon’ may leave you staring out your ‘time remaining’ bar in disbelief, ‘Fog Sky Nun’ will have your fingers dangerously close to pushing ‘repeat’. 
While unlikely reform the music scene, this Edinburgh five piece will probably claim a small corner of your heart before you can count to ‘17’.
Midas Fall
Eleven. Return And Revert
Album art: 
Release date: 
320 kbps

1. MovieScreens
2. Century
3. Bright Lights Will Harm No-one
4. Nautical Song
5. My Radio Star
6. Half Horizon
7. War Pigeon
8. Fog Sky Nun
9. 17
10. Stalking Moon

Music label: 
Monotreme Records
Edinburgh, Scotland
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