(((S))) - Phantom (2010)

"'Phantom' is the name of the new album of the mysterious (((S))) from Denmark. In 2009 his debutalbum 'Ghost' was called 'Album Of The Year' by Mick Mercer, one of the most famous goth-gurus. Almost nothing is known from this band, and in an rather anonimous interview I read 'he' would still like to keep it that way for some time. Listeners should criticize his music, not his name, he said. What can be told about it, is the following: On the 'Phantom'-album, ten tracks were included and it sounds a bit lesser depressing than it's predecessor 'Ghost'. Thirty years full of frustration and depression seem to be defrosting a bit, only the wave-influences are still there. The album opens with a melancholic and a somewhat gloomy track called "A crying Shame". A first highlight is the second song "Lonely Is The Lighthouse", with that lovely grumbling bass, the typical sharp-edged guitars, the sad synths and the uptempo drumbeats. Above all that, there is this hoarse and rather unique voice of singer (((s)))? "Invisible Man" is an indie-popsong with a melancholic touch which would be perfectly suitable for some national radiostations. "We're In The Wind" has a real 'eightees'-feel, like the sound of a young New Order for instance. "Autumnhead" shows a papapa-level at the start. A rather happy tune is provided with a renowned wave-guitarbreak and a grand finale prevents for worse. Another highlight is "Walk". A mid-tempo, semi-darktrack full of heavenly guitartunes, whispering synths and reveries for far-off days. "Addicted To My Dreams" is a real danceable wavesong. Again, you hear these hasty, sharp-edged guitarsounds and some sad synths. Some parts of this song seem to reveal some "Dear Prudence" from Siouxsie And The Banshees, but I might be wrong there. "A Handfull Of Dust" and "Tired Hangs The Head" are quite calm, grey but charming tracks. You get the principal idea by now, only the concept is re-edited this time. The last song "Hole In My Heart" is danceable, indie and wave at the same time. Here you get the ultimate pattern-card of what (((S))) stands for: producing some solid, quite danceable indiepop- and wavesongs. It never sounds very dramatic, more relaxed could be right word. Only this band should try to get out of this anonimity, because these songs need a live-concert and more (press)attention." --GOTHTRONIC
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256 kbps

1. A Crying Shame
2. Lonely Is the Lighthouse
3. Invisible Man
4. We're in the Wind
5. Autumnhead
6. Walk
7. Addicted to My Dreams
8. A Handful of Dust
9. Tired Hangs the Head
10. Hole in My Heart

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