Highspire - Aquatic (2010)

"We are a shoegaze/dreampop band formed in 1999, some years after it was cool to be in such a band and many years before it became cool again. We aren't "nu-gaze" or whatever you kids call it today. See the above date? These new fangled terms came well after the start of our 6 year hiatus. We stopped playing shows in 2003, but may in the future as a duo. We put out material very irregularly but have a new album "Aquatic" releasing in april 2010. It is the album we always wanted to make but never had the time to record until recently. Our last album "Your Everything" was finished in 2001-02 but came out in 2003 and 2004 depending on where in the world you lived. It's an ace record and now out of print. we currently play in the Morning After Girls."

Nice one, enjoy!

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256 kbps

1. Just Begun
2. What Lies Before
3. Satellite
4. Sunraindown
5. Glacier
6. Dusted
7. Dead By Dawn
8. All I See Is Blue
9. Standing On An Empire
10. It Disappears
11. Joke's On You

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Reverse Reverse
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
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