Giant Cloud - Old Books (2010)

Old Books is a twenty-six minute amalgam of a whole mess of comforting genres, resulting in an insulating listening experience that both soothes and agitates in equal measure. (If I had to stamp a label on it, I’d go with quasi-psych folk with a strong helping of the acoustic ambient.) There’s a certain sonic density to the five songs on Old Books that belies its lightness; there’s a lot of sound to parse through, but none of it is particularly loud. The band’s moniker might offer the best description of their sound; drifting through a giant cloud would provide a thick, impenetrable surrounding, but would be composed of the lightest of elements. The sound of Giant Cloud is one to get lost in, drifting among the often angelic vocals and pillowy, semi-symphonic soundscapes. The songs on Old Books generally take their time to develop, meandering across several minutes, finding a groove and rolling with it on occasion. It’s only an EP, but three of the songs clock in at over five minutes, so there’s a kind of semi-albumish feel going on. The best songs all have a distinct flourish of some sort; “Strange Peaches” snaps out of a somnolent march into a frenetic, near-ragtime acoustic explosion. “Old Soul,” the stellar, rambling closer is almost a waltz through the middle section, but grows an almost vaudevillian set of balls towards the end. It’s the kind of EP that builds excitement for the band’s future work; they’re getting ready to record a full-length, which I’m already eager to hear.

Giant Cloud
Old Books
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1. Rainbows
2. Fingernails
3. Old Books
4. Strange Peaches
5. Old Soul

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Park The Van
New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
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