Broken Social Scene – Lo-Fi For The Dividing Nights (2010)

"Lo-Fi For The Dividing Nights" was written during the recording of Forgiveness Rock Record in Chicago. During downtime band members would head into Soma’s second smaller studio to test out new ideas and overdubs while John McEntire worked in the main room. Here they created lovely little soundscapes, one of which ended up being the closing song on Forgiveness Rock Record, ‘Me & My Hand’, and the rest became the beginnings of Lo-Fi For The Dividing Nights.
A digital download of Lo-Fi will be included free for all pre-orders of Forgiveness Rock Record purchased before May 4th. A unique PIN code will be sent to all pre-order customers on May 3rd to download the digital EP one day early.
Lo-Fi For The Dividing Nights is exclusively available as a digital download with pre-order of Forgiveness Rock Record at GalleryAC, or with purchase of the CD / vinyl at participating HMV and independent record stores (Canada) and selected CIMS / AIMS independent record stores (USA) 
Broken Social Scene
Lo-Fi For The Dividing Nights
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1. New Instructions
2. Sudden Foot Loss
3. Shabba Lights
4. Song For Dee
5. Eling’s Haus
6. Professor Sambo
7. Never Felt Alive
8. Paperweight Room
9. Turbo Mouse
10. Far Out

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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