Mountain Man - Made The Harbor (2010)

Contrary to their name, they are not a man, but three young women with voices that reverberate straight through your bones… Sounding both as old as the hills and utterly original, Mountain Man’s haunting, harmony-laden music combines elements of folk, country and traditional American music, while setting up camp alongside the likes of Fleet Foxes and Joanna Newsome
The music of Mountain Man is nestled in the tradition of American folk, but shoots like diamond dust out of the nest into the high, wide atmosphere. Their songs are shaped by three searching voices, encompassing harmonies and a shared belief in and love of the world. They are mutually moved to sing by their love for people, and for trees, birds and mountains, the ocean, the night, the moon, and being a woman. They all love the rambling, rumbling, rolling summer. Each member of the group writes for the band.
Recorded in an abandoned factory from the turn of the 20th century, each track of Made the Harbor evokes the feeling of being in the room with the band as the record plays, and demands intimacy between the music and the listener. Made the Harbor is an album to swim home to, and to sail away with.
Mountain Man
Made The Harbor
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1. Buffalo
2. Animal Tracks
3. White Heron
4. Mouthwings
5. Dog Song
6. Soft Skin
7. How'm I Doin
8. Arabella
9. Sewee Sewee
10. Loon Song
11. Honey Bee
12. Babylon
13. River

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Night Noise
Bennington, Vermont, United States
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