Pernice Brothers - Goodbye, Killer (2010)

Goodbye, Killer by "Pernice Brothers" is Joe Pernice first band album since 2006 Live a Little. In several weeks-long bursts of work over the course of a couple of years, in between writing a novel, recording a soundtrack for said novel, touring on both, and doing real-life things, Joe, his brother Bob, and long-time collaborators James Walbourne (Pretenders, Son Volt, Peter Bruntnell) and Ric Menck (Matthew Sweet,Velvet Crush) holed up in an attic in Boston and recorded these 10 Pernice originals. Goodbye, Killer should appease Pernice fans from all walks of life. It includes the full-on rock 'n rollers, Jacqueline Susann, and Bechamel, signature pop songs The Great Depression and F***ing and Flowers, the Scuds-esque Newport Newsand The End of Faith, and two AM radio would-be classics The Loving Kind and Goodbye, Killer. Pernice refers to the undeniably show tune-y number We Love the Stage,as his homage to vaudeville, indie rock and learning to love betting against yourself.Goodbye, Killer is a versatile album thats trademark Pernice.

Pernice Brothers
Goodbye, Killer
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1. Bechamel
2. Jacqueline Susann
3. We Love the Stage
4. The Loving Kind
5. Something for You
6. Goodbye, Killer
7. The Great Depression
8. Newport News
9. F*cking and Flowers
10. The End of Faith

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Ashmont Records
Dorchester, United States
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