Trans Am - Thing (2010)

Most bands are too afraid to step up to the bat. They are scared that life is going to throw them different kinds of curve balls. But for more than fifteen years, Trans Am has fearlessly stepped up, taken their swings and thrown a few curve balls of their own. Few bands can say they've toured the Canadian mountains with TOOL, and fewer still can say they played their first tour opening for Tortoise. Trans Am a-la 2010 is a band of veterans unafraid to contradict themselves, confident in their identity even as confounding as that identity has been for their fans over the years.

Thing represents a further attempt by the band to further remove themselves not just from various indie-rock labels, but music itself. One of Thing's requirements was that each track contain a completely non-musical element, preferably something with a sonic signature that was not even necessarily a sound.

Trans Am
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1. Please Wait
2. Black Matter
3. Naked Singularity
4. Thing
5. Bad Vibes
6. Heaven's Gate
7. The Silent Star
8. Arcadia
9. Apparent Horizon
10. Interstellar Drift
11. Maximum Yield
12. Space Dock

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Thrill Jockey
Bethesda, Maryland, United States
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