Civil Twilight - Civil Twilight (2010)


You may have already heard Civil Twilight's music on shows like "Harper's Island", "One Tree Hill", and "House." Now, their debut self-titled album has arrived, drawing inspiration both from their home country of South Africa and from the rock music they grew up listening to out of Europe and North America.

The three lifelong friends - brothers Steven and Andrew McKellar and Richard Wouters - who make up Civil Twilight have been playing music together since they were teenagers growing up in Capetown, South Africa. Now calling Nashville home, the group is releasing its first full-length on Wind-up Records. With its eerie, Thom Yorke/Jeff Buckley-like falsetto and sense of romantic doom, the first single "Letters From the Sky" oozes with sensuality. From the dramatic flourish of "Anybody Out There," with its plea for communion, the Beatlesque melodies-meet-grunge dynamics of "Next to Me" and The Police-like world beat of "Soldier"and

its chilling depiction of wartime, the moody "Save Yourself" and the wide-screen canvas of the closing "Quiet in My Town," Civil Twilight envelopes you in its multi-layered sound and vision.

Also, Wind-Up Records is a home for The Queen Killing Kings, People In Planes, Evanescence and Creed. Got it?


Civil Twilight
Civil Twilight
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1. Anybody Out There
2. Soldier
3. Next To Me
4. Letters From The Sky
5. On The Surface
6. Trouble
7. Human
8. Perfect Stranger
9. What You Want
10. Something She Said
11. Quiet In My Town

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Wind-up Records
United States
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