Brant Bjork - Gods & Goddesses (2010)

If you are already a fan, you will know what to expect but if you have never picked a album from Brant as yet, this may be the perfect album to start with. "The Future Rock (We Got It)" is a classic track and the perfect tune to groove to while kicking back with a cold beer or two. "Dirty Bird" is the typical but essential "Brant Bjork" opening cut, "Good Time Bonnie" and album closer "Somewhere Some Woman" has a slight Stoner Doom sound especially the later that has some slow, powerful riffing in the middle section and "Blowin Up Shop" has a relaxed and infectious vibe. The drumming is kept simple allowing the guitar to move and wander in a almost free-form fashion while Bjork's vocals move back and forth within the mix giving every song a slightly different vibe to the next and of course there is the essential wah-wah solos and the use of controlled fuzz. This is album number 27 that he has been involved with in one way or another making him one of the hardest working musicians to ever come out of the Desert Rock scene. 
To put it a way longtime fans can understand, it’s the best one since the last one and until the next one. Whether Gods and Goddesses is the beginning of a new phase in Brant Bjork’s career or a one-time experiment in production that’s proved successful, its aural solidarity and confidence make it a must-hear for established followers and newbies alike.
Brant Bjork
Gods & Goddesses
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1. Dirty Bird
2. The Future Rock (We Got It)
3. Radio Mecca
4. Little World
5. Blowin' Up Shop
6. Good Time Bonnie
7. Porto
8. Somewhere, Some Woman

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Low Desert Punk
Los Angeles, California, United States
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