Sent By Ravens - Our Graceful Words (2010)

Sent By Ravens exceptionally memorable, deliciously catchy and overall uplifting rock n' roll brings to mind the best and brightest moments of bands like Finch, Blindside and Emery. Fitting, then, that that Emery's Matt Carter helped craft the band's debut album with producer Aaron Sprinkle (Underoath, The Almost). In a short amount of time, Sent By Ravens has accomplished a great deal. They were able to headline the House Of Blues in Myrtle Beach, SC before even signing to a label. They've opened for and toured with bands as diverse as Every Time I Die, Family Force 5, Staind, Showbread and many more. The band's debut album "Our Graceful Words" is set to takeover.

Sent By Ravens
Our Graceful Words
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1. New Fire
2. An Honest Heart
3. I Hear Her Breathe
4. Beautiful List
5. Trailers Vs. Tornadoes
6. Jill Plays Tricks, Jack Plays God
7. Philadelphia
8. Salt And The Light
9. This Awakening
10. Stone Soup
11. True Bride

Music label: 
Tooth & Nail Records
Columbia, South Carolina, United States
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