Teenanger - Give Me Pink (2010)

Is “garage rock” still a useful descriptor in a housing market where no one can actually afford property with a garage? Toronto miscreants Teenanger are more like a bathroom band — their debut full-length "Give Me Pink" conjures all the pissing, puking and fucking that goes on in those cramped, closed quarters and, appropriately enough, Iggy-esque mouthpiece Chris sounds like he recorded his reverb-drenched vocals with his face burrowed deep in a porcelain bowl. But while you’re not quite sure what the hell he’s going on about in celeb shout-outs like “Carole Pope” and “The Ballad of Robert McNamara,” the Cramps-damaged guitar riffs and the bruising backbeats carry far more heft than the band’s earlier seven-inch excursions. Teenanger may give their songs titles like “MDMA Jam,” but Pink is the anti-psychedelia — the only colours you’ll be seeing are the ones flashing in your eyes after these scuzz-rock salvos chain-whip you in the face. 

Give Me Pink
Album art: 
Release date: 
320 kbps

1. Alone On Acid
2. Carole Pop
3. Too Nice To Say No
4. Rats
5. The Ballad of Robert McNamarra
6. Strange Propositions
7. MDMA Jam
8. High Risk High Fun
9. Louisiana Lounger
10. Red Eye Station
11. Band Hand
12. Big Spirit Payback

Music label: 
Telephone Explosion Records
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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