Minus the Bear - Omni (2010)

Somewhere along the line Minus the Bear dropped the silliness prevalent in their album and song titles for a more serious tone. That change became most apparent on their third full-length, Planet of Ice, which dropped in 2007 and marked the end of the group’s relationship with Suicide Squeeze. In early 2010, the quintet signed to Dangerbird Records to release their fourth LP, "OMNI", that looks to expand their sound even more. The erratic drumming and experimental guitar work is still there. But this time around, the band is intent on displaying its songwriting and lyrical growth with some other new tricks thanks to producer Joe Chiccarelli, who has worked with My Morning Jacket and the White Stripes.

Minus the Bear
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1. MY Time
2. Summer Angel
3. Secret Country
4. Hold Me Down
5. Excuses
6. The Thief
7. Into The Mirror
8. Animal Backwards
9. Dayglow Vista Road
10. Fooled By the Night

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Dangerbird Records
Seattle, Washington, United States
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