White Belt Yellow Tag - Methods (2010)

When North England rock band Yourcodenameis: Milo went on hiatus in 2007, guitarist Justin Lockey turned to producing. A year later he met Craig Pilbin, a songwriter looking to work with a producer, in a Newcastle studio. Soon the pair evolved beyond the musician/producer relationship and began writing material together, dubbing themselves White Belt Yellow Tag (taken from Lockey's short foray into taekwondo as a kid). The group's grand, sweeping sound -- added to in live shows by drummer Tom Bellamy, formerly of the Cooper Temple Clause -- caught the attention of Distiller Records. The band released their debut recording, the EP You're Not Invincible, in April of 2009. Another recording, a 7," titled Tell Your Friends (It All Worked Out), followed in July. During the fall of 2009 the band continued their run-up to their first full-length by touring in support of their second 7," "Remains," which was produced by Lockey but mixed by Chris Potter (a producer for both the Verve and Blur),. The disc's title track as well as "Tell Your Friends (It All Worked Out)" appears on their 2010 debut LP, "Methods".

White Belt Yellow Tag
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1. Remains
2. Tell Your Friends (It All Worked Out)
3. You're Not Invincible
4. It's A Long Way, Don't You Fall Behind
5. Where Echoes Land...
6. Always And Echoes
7. So Try My Enemies
8. We All Have Sound
9. News
10. Ode
11. Same Clothes, Same Life
12. Careless Talk And Sinking Ships

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United Kingdom
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