Anaïs Mitchell – Hadestown (2010)


"When 98% of what passes as music today lacks even the remotest twinge of an idea, thought, emotion or worse--heart--Hadestown and Anaïs Mitchell deserve all the listeners and accolades we can give. Pass it on." - Folk and Acoustic Music Review, March 2010


Anaïs Mitchell
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1. Wedding Song feat. Justin Vernon
2. Epic (Part I) feat. Justin Vernon
3. Way Down Hadestown feat. Justin Vernon, Ani DiFranco and Ben Knox Miller
4. Songbird Intro
5. Hey, Little Songbird feat. Greg Brown
6. Gone, I’m Gone feat. The Haden Triplets
7. When The Chips Are Down feat. The Haden Triplets
8. Wait For Me feat. Ben Knox Miller and Justin Vernon
9. Why We Build The Wall feat. Greg Brown
10. Our Lady Of The Underground feat. Ani DiFranco
11. Flowers (Eurydice’s Song)
12. Nothing Changes feat. The Haden Triplets
13. If It’s True feat. Justin Vernon
14. Papers (Hades Finds Out)
15. How Long? feat. Ani DiFranco and Greg Brown
16. Epic (Part II) feat. Justin Vernon
17. Lover’s Desire
18. His Kiss, The Riot feat. Greg Brown
19. Doubt Comes In feat. Justin Vernon
20. I Raise My Cup To Him feat. Ani DiFranco

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Righteous Babe Records
Montpelier, Vermont, United States
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