Six Gallery - Breakthroughs In Modern Art (2010)

Superball Music (home to celebrated acts Oceansize and Trail of Dead) is pleased to announce their first worldwide signing of an American artist - Six Gallery. Often compared to contemporaries such as Minus The Bear, Maps and Atlases, and Aereogramme.

"The musical machine gun of Will Vokac and Ben Schreiber's finger-tapped guitars is still there, but the addition of Daniel Francis' fervent vocals has pushed the group into uncharted territory. One could go on and on about the ways in which Francis bounces from expression to expression, often ripping into a soulful cry before sinking into a whisper (give the standout "Built to Last" a try). His rambling lyrics drop facts, allusions, secrets, and tall-tales with equal earnestness and we're not sure whether to believe all of it or none of it. The sheer excitement his stories offer sprints arm-in-arm with the sparkling guitars with an incredibly balanced, energetic effect."

Six Gallery
Breakthroughs In Modern Art
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Breakthroughs in Modern Art


1. Bermuda Triangles
2. A Live Nativity Scene
3. Built to Last
4. Say Matte
5. Edie & the Marble Faun
6. Glaciar de las Lágrimas
7. Just Hey
8. Honestly, Really?
9. Fish Milk
10. Smile Like a Switch

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Superball Music
Columbus, Ohio, United States
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