Mugstar - ...Sun, Broken... (2010)

Mugstar fit well beside such Important records as Cave and A Place To Bury Strangers. Since 2003 they've issued a few full lengths, a split with Mudhoney, an etched 10" and most famously, recorded the last ever Peel Session with the late John Peel.
Mugstar are the sound of 10,000 exploding suns, pulsing with repetitive beauty and pounding like a supersonic mantra. “...Sun, Broken...”, Mugstar’s second full-length album, recalls “Saucerful…” era Floyd and echoes vintage Neu! alongside the more contemporary sounds of Oneida and Sonic Youth.
Mugstar take the sonics of heavy psychedelia and krautrock, drag it through the lenses of punk and post-rock and jettison the results into something of propulsive originality.
…Sun, Broken…” delivers a range of power, textures and soundscapes, from the turbo-charged openers
of “Technical Knowledge as a Weapon” and “Ouroboros”, the eerie other-worldly atmospherics of
“Labrador Hatchet” and “She Ran Away With My Medicine”, through the krautrocking “Today Is The Wrong Shape” to the expansive voyage of closing track “Furklausundbo”. It is a forceful and compelling album.
Mugstar's origins begin with drummer Steve Ashton wanting a band who could play as loud as he could. Neil Murphy, from an improv. background, joined next providing noise and subtlety. Peter Smyth then answered the call bringing guitar, keyboards, vocals, and an intense stage persona. Jason Stoll came on board with his dirty bass tones. Finally Sam Wiehl arrived, adding projections to the live shows making Mugstar a full assault on the senses both sonically and visually. Steve found the band he wanted.
Mugstar is already in the studio working on their third album, two new 7” singles and a film project is also in the pipeline. They are also looking to book their first US tour in summer 2010. It looks like 2010 is to be a bumper year for Mugstar. 
...Sun, Broken...
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1. Technical Knowledge as a Weapon
2. Ouroboros
3. Labrador Hatchet
4. Today is the Wrong Shape
5. She Ran Away with My Medicine
6. Furklausundbo

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Important Records
Liverpool, United Kingdom
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