The Depreciation Guild - Spirit Youth (2010)

While you might know Kurt Feldman and Christoph Hochheim best for their work in The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, they are also members of the dream-pop trio The Depreciation Guild. In fact, they founded the band almost two years prior to the Pains’ formation. Now that you know this, let’s talk about The Depreciation Guild’s forthcoming second LP.
Available in your standard formats, as well as limited vinyl edition, starting May 18th through Kanine Records, Spirit Youth will look to embody the band’s “very own blend of 8-bit beats, clanging chords, and heady hook.” It will also contain disembodied voices and distorted guitars.
But don’t call it shoe gaze. “This record is heavy but it’s not very shoegaze,” explained drummer Kurt Feldman in a press release. “The influence is there, but if you hear an actual ’shoegaze record’, it doesn’t sound like us at all.” Please remind friends of this as well, as we don’t want to start any awkward situations during the band’s upcoming U.S. tour with Serena-Maneesh.
The Depreciation Guild
Spirit Youth
Album art: 
Release date: 
256 kbps

1. My Chariot
2. Crucify You
3. Blue Lily
4. Dream About Me
5. November
6. Trace
7. A Key Turns
8. Spirit Youth
9. Through the Snow
10. White Moth

Music label: 
Kanine Records
Brooklyn, New York United States
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