Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & The Cairo Gang - The Wonder Show of the World (2010)

For this 2010 album of songs, Bonny Billy and The Cairo Gang together have built a bridge forward, assembled with riffs and bits from Emmett Kelly's guitar and the lyricism of Bonny's heart. But mostly, The Wonder Show of the World was, in its making, about trust. It's a record made eye-to-eye in a room, close and careful, by and for a few men who wanted to be together, who wanted to make music that sounds as good to listen to as it did to make, and who in doing so forged something new in space, the wonder of you and of them.
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & The Cairo Gang
The Wonder Show of the World
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1. Troublesome Houses
2. Teach Me To Bear You
3. With Cornstalks Or Among Them
4. The Sounds Are Always Begging
5. Go Folks, Go
6. That's What Our Love Is
7. Merciless And Great
8. Where Wind Blows
9. Someone Coming Through
10. Kids

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Drag City
Louisville, Kentucky, United States
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