Bill Callahan - Rough Travel for a Rare Thing (2010)

Bill Callahan's last album cropped up on many an end-of-year poll in 2009, confirming the slightly creepy former boyfriend of both Cat Power and Joanna Newsom as an American songwriter still impressing 20 years into his career. It's a pity Rough Travel, his first live album, doesn't include recent highlights such as "Eid Ma Clack Shaw", but recent converts can take consolation in these picks from an intense back catalogue. Recorded in an intimate venue in 2007, cold-blooded old songs such as "Held" and "Bathysphere" take on unprecedented swing and musicality, thanks to a hot-blooded band and his own baritone.

Limited edition double vinyl LP pressing. "Rough Travel For A Rare Thing" is a live album that contains a number of Smog classics, including a lovely bunch from A River Ain't Too Much to Love, as well a Bill Callahan classic from Woke On A Whaleheart, as well as a song not released on any Smog or Bill Callahan album to date (it was released on a CD single!). 11 tracks. Drag City. 2010.

Bill Callahan
Rough Travel for a Rare Thing
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1. Our Anniversary
2. Diamond Dancer
3. Bowery
4. Held
5. Say Valley Maker
6. In The Pines
7. Cold-Blooded Old Times
8. Rock Bottom Riser
9. Let Me See The Colts
10. The Well
11. Bathysphere

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Drag City
Austin, United States
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