North Atlantic Oscillation - Grappling Hook (2010)

After a busy and exciting 2009, releasing their debut EP and playing shows with the likes of Porcupine Tree, Explosions in the Sky and Cymbals Eat Guitars, North Atlantic Oscillation's debut album, "Grappling Hooks", is released on March 22nd on Kscope (import willl be available April 13th)
The band have been described as prog-pop and electro-rock, but really they just make music. The music has soaring harmonies and loud guitars and dreamy synths and heavy drums and strange effects and unexpected changes-of-mind.
"Their bright, friendly electronics and Brian Wilson harmonies suggest Scotland may have the beginnings of its own Animal Collective. Ones to watch." - Metro
"NAO may well be your favourite new band" - Artrocker
"Ranges from Beta Band beats to post-rock pop with the influence of Pink Floyd, The Flaming Lips and even Peter Gabriel looming large, but it's all pieced together in an intellegent, student kind of way with nods to Boards Of Canada or Squarepusher." - NME 8/10 
North Atlantic Oscillation
Grappling Hook
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1. Marrow
2. Hollywood Has Ended
3. Cell Count
4. Some Blue Hive
5. Audioplastic
6. Ceiling Poem
7. Alexanderplatz
8. 77 Hours
9. Star Chamber
10. Drawing Maps From Memory
11. Ritual
12. Hidden Track

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Kscope Music
Edinburgh and Glasgow, Scotland ,United Kingdom
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