Wounded Lion - Wounded Lion (2010)

There’s a certain naiveté that pervades Wounded Lion’s no-frills garage-pop — if I remembered having my first beer, the L.A. quintet’s three-minute blasts, unrepentantly disheveled but undeniably catchy, could easily have been the soundtrack. Whether visiting “Hunan Province,” immortalizing the “Omar Walk” or bellowing in French on “Black Socks,” the music on Wounded Lion’s self-titled debut album (due April 27 on In the Red Records) is the stuff of backyard parties and underground spaces. Smirk accordingly.

“Wounded Lion’s brand of charmingly timeless pop…rejects conventionally accepted aesthetics and approaches, to revel in an ecstatic indifference toward time, place, trend, and fashion… [Their] formula is relatively simple. The band writes shambling, alternately silly and poignant songs that bend and twist timeless pop hooks from the sixties onward.” 

–Anomalous L.A.

“The drum skins resonate with deep thudding as the bass and rhythm guitars belch out raw distortion, lending the band’s music a primitive quality. But there is also a whimsical sensibility present that elevates its abrasiveness to a level of jubilance. Wounded Lion writes pop songs that celebrate the unrefined, dispensing with ego and tapping into the primal areas of the brain.” 

–SF Gate

I must admit that Wounded Lion is from In The Red Records, home of Strange Boys, Vivian Girls, The Oh Sees and Jay Reatard (R.I.P). 

Buy it if you can.

Wounded Lion
Wounded Lion
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1. Hungry
2. Creatures in the Cave
3. Degobah System
4. Hunan Province
5. Carol Cloud
6. Hanging Ancient Circles
7. Belt of Orion
8. Pony People
9. Black Sox
10. Silver People
11. Omar Walk
12. Crunchy Stars

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In The Red Records
Los Angeles, United States
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