Dragons Power Up! - Brace for the Bloom (2010)

"Driving guitars, off-kilter leads, soaring vocals, and occasional rhythmic gearshifts, all adding up to a catchy slew of pop songs. DPU have tightened up well since I first heard them a couple years ago, which makes for some well-crafted songs." - Tigger Lunney, City Pages 
"…[DPU!] prove their indie rock chops with undeniable ferocity. This is balls-to-the-wall, no-bullshit, real rock and roll...you’re in for a real treat onstage...Yes, even St. George would be proud of this white-hot, thrashing beast of a band. Great stuff." - Pulse of the Twin Cities 
"With a serpentine, low-fi sound coiled round a flaming pile of reverb sits Dragons Power Up!, a Minneapolis-based beast of a band with one mission - to rock." - Perfect Porridge 
"I was unexpectedly treated to the prog-rock stylings of the charismatic Dragons Power Up! This Way to Gunshire…, is testament to their fun, distorted, rock-and-roll view of the world. Consisting of enough twists and turns to get even the most gallant knight lost on his way to save a princess, This Way to Gunshire is a great listen." - Toby Cryns, Lunch Of Champions
Dragons Power Up!
Brace for the Bloom
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1. House Fires
2. Filter Valve
3. Worm & Plow
4. Nickels
5. My Hands Are Strong
6. Where Do You Go
7. Orbit Dance
8. Ballahol

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Guilt Ridden Pop
Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States
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