Rosvita - Grandes Tormentos (2010)

Rosvita is the trio from Madrid, Spain. Active since 2000, they have two self-released albums to date: "Rosvita" (Seven Sisters 2003) and "may be" (fameliar / Brama! 2006).

In the last three years they have toured Europe several times over sixty concerts in cities across France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Austria, Portugal and Italy.

In 2009 they were part of the lineup of some major festivals such as the Primavera Sound in Barcelona, La Noche en Blanco in Madrid or the Monkey Week in Puerto de Santa Maria.

They have played openings for bands like Acid Mothers Temple, Cansei de Ser Sexy, Mono, Retribution Gospel Choir, or Devastations Gith also shared the stage with many independent groups Spanish.

"Great Torment" is the title of their third LP that was published by Recordings From The Other Side. You can buy it from Everlasting Records.

Grandes Tormentos
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1. Penique
2. Pálpito
3. Sopita
4. Bazofias
5. Qué Bien el Coco
6. El Rocanrol del Macramor
7. El Miguitas
8. El Lavalava
9. Estrellármela
10. Perromono

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Recordings From The Other Side
Madrid, Spain
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