Murder By Death - Good Morning, Magpie (2010)

This is a long awaited new album by Murder By Death that will out on April 6th. I think their previous albums were better, but don't listen to me, listen to album and decide to yourself.  Enjoy!

Murder By Death
Good Morning, Magpie
Album art: 
Release date: 
VBR V0 m4a

1. Kentucky Bourbon
2. As Long As There Is Whiskey In The World
3. On The Dark Streets Below
4. King of the Gutters, Prince of the Dogs
5. Piece by Piece
6. Good Morning, Magpie
7. You Don't Miss Twice (When You're Skavin' With A Knife)
8. Yes
9. Foxglove
10. White Noise
11. The Day

Music label: 
Vagrant Records
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