Terminal - Tree Of Lie (2010)

From their modest beginnings in Poznan Poland their walked through modern music combining inspirations of each member, varying from progressive metal to r'n'b. But the goal was always the same .. best quality, true emotions, true music. TERMINAL have played by these three simple rules. With their new, four songs demo, the synthesis of different genres stimulates the senses, but the punch and energy still keeps TERMINAL close to metal. 

Organised work, and determination allowed to compose, arrange, produce and record the music by the band itself.. New songs are being composed to fit the style, which some compare to Linkin Park, Dream Theater, Planet X...

Experience gained in a previous projects helped to follow the right path. Daniel (voc.) was a singer in choir, he's a fresh blood in the band and his energizing personality inspire other members to explore some brand new musical spaces. Daniel (keys) with his classical background wrote a few movie soundtracks, which Patrick (gt.) also participated in, as producer and engineer. Patrick on the other hand is more into the heavy sound productions. Greg (dr.) and Bartez (bass) grow up from jazz and fusion, now taking delight in r'n'b, soul and urban music, but they find themselves great in heavier style. Jack's (gt) strong point is the inclination into metal music. He is the brain of the band when it comes to shred and heavy riffs, but also very flexible playing.

This all can be heard in their songs, flavoured with arrangements of the whole band.

"Deep Inside" and "Mind Destruction" are amazing songs! Enjoy!

Tree Of Lie
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320 kbps
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Tree of Lie


1. The Beginning
2. Afterlife
3. Mind Destruction
4. Together Apart
5. Behind The Mask
6. Brand New Sin
7. Deep Inside
8. The Maze
9. Evil Machine
10. Tree Of Lie
11. Game Of War
12. The End

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Revolution Records
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