New Young Pony Club - The Optimist (2010)

2010 release, the sophomore album from the British Alt-Rock band, released on the band's own record label. On "Optimist"N.Y.P.C. has gone back to the '80's, influenced by the likes of Siouxsie & The Banhsees, The Pretenders and PJ Harvey. If 2007's critically acclaimed, Mercury Music Prize nominated Fantastic Playroom was the culmination of the hybrid Disco sound they pioneered, The Optimist heralds the beginning of a brave new future for the band. Self-produced and more importantly self-funded and self-released, The Optimist is the sound of a band taking full control of their present and future, circumnavigating their own way. With no four on the floor, no cowbell and no monotone sexy talk, the creative freedom enjoyed by the band has opened up a new experimental side, as shown by the Psychedelic Dub balladry of 'Stone' and the atmospheric, cracked beauty of 'Architect Of Love', and the singles 'Lost A Girl', 'Chaos' and 'We Want To'.

New Young Pony Club
The Optimist
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1. Lost A Girl
2. Chaos
3. The Optimist
4. Stone
5. We Want To
6. Dolls
7. Before The Light
8. Oh Cherie
9. Rapture
10. Architect Of Love

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Phantom Sound & Vision
United Kingdom
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