From First to Last - Throne To The Wolves (2010)


Georgia's own, From First To Last, are back with their 5th studio album dropping March 16th, and a new label to call home. From First To Last have tightened their grip and are sinking their teeth in even further with "Throne to the Wolves", the highly anticipated album that marks their return to the indie music scene. The momentum from these juggernauts has only increased. Despite the impressive length of their discography, From First To Last are assuring us they've only begun to show us the onslaught of rock that is headed in our direction.

From First to Last
Throne To The Wolves
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1. Cashing Out
2. Chyeaaaaa!
3. Elvis Said Ambition Is A Dream With A V8 Engine
4. G.R.I.T.S.
5. Going Lohan
6. I’ll Inoculate The World With The Virus Of My Disillusionment
7. You, Me, And The Significant Other
8. The He Man Woman Haters Club
9. M.O.
10. A Soft War
11. Now That You’re Gone

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Rise Records
United States
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