Power Animal - People Songs (2010)

"Power Animal is this great experimental rock band from Pennsylvania. 
These guys sound a lot like (prepare for band comparison that may or may not be accurate depending on your tastes) a mix between Broken Social Scene and Akron/Family on a really happy spring afternoon." 
Hitting both coasts in the next few weeks so if you like what you hear go catch them. 
Power Animal
People Songs
Album art: 
Release date: 
192 kbps

1. The Celebration Of A Constant Movement In A Bowl/Pool Of Leaves
2. All I Can Hear Are The Bees
3. Birds Have Worries Too!
4. It's A Trap
5. Untitled
6. The Turn Around
7. Sometimes
8. Copernicus
9. Rabbit
10. Summer Came From Nowhere
11. Empty Parking Lot, Scary Dog, Snowing
12. Money/Pocket
13. Last Hovers/War & Video Games Pt.2
14. Dear My Body, I'm Not That Body. Dear Keith Hampson I'm Not Your Name. You Are A Shaky Boat With A Curse Upon It, But I Need You To Get To The Other Side Of The Lake.
15. Death Threat

Music label: 
Waaga Records
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
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