The Fresh & Onlys - August in My Mind (2010)

"With their first release on Captured Tracks (and seventh official offering in less than two years of existence as a band) San Francisco’s The Fresh & Onlys have completely shed the shackles of the “garage rock” pigeonhole (a set of handcuffs which never fit them particularly well). 
From the eruption of feedback that introduces “Diamond In The Dark”, the Onlys announce that something new is afoot. Anthemic rock’n'roll that only mid 90’s Guided By Voices or maybe the early Who were capable of. Big statements without studio trickery. 
These new songs from the ever prolific Onlys are particularly remarkable since many were composed while singer/guitarist /co-songwriter Tim Cohen was unable to play guitar due to a broken hand. While on a brief tour backing obscure psych-folk troubadour Rodriguez, Tim managed to write on keyboards (mostly one handed) and the results opened yet another doorway into sounds the Onlys hadn’t explored. The title track “August In My Mind” is a prime example. There is a dark, swampy atmosphere complete with spaghetti western guitar leads from Wymond Miles that perfectly complement the late night at the bar feel that fuels much of the band’s work. 
The new Fresh & Onlys EP, August in My Mind, contains the components that made their earlier recordings compelling (co-songwriter Shayde Sartin’s propulsive bass lines & melodic influence & drummer Kyle Gibson’s incredible time keeping and power) while also exploring new wave flourishes in great tracks like “Dreaming Is Easy” & “Garbage Collector.” 
Touring extensively in 2010 with King Khan & The Shrines & in Europe surrounding the All Tomorrow’s Parties festival the always busy Fresh & Onlys will also be promoting a 3rd full length LP produced by Tim Green on In The Red later this year. Get caught in their maelstrom." --Force Field 
The Fresh & Onlys
August in My Mind
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1. Diamond in the Dark
2. Dreaming Is Easy
3. You're Known to Wander
4. August in My Mind
5. Garbage Collector
6. Save Your Soul

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Captured Tracks
San Francisco, California, United States
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