Elephant Micah - Plays the Songs of the Bible Birds (2010)

"Touring the east coast in 2003, someone asked, "You're from Indiana--have you ever heard of the Bible Bird Man?" I hadn't, so I did some research. His video had already been stolen from the library at Earlham College, but I stole it back and returned it. 
I began to imagine what the musical equivalent of his evangelical bird act might sound like. I wrote a song about the bird man, thinking of releasing it as a "re-issue" of a central Indiana country-gospel group that had never existed--the Bible Birds. Then I thought maybe I would do an Elephant Micah album of covers originally written by this (non-existent) Bible Birds band. 
In the end of course the concept kind of dissipated and it just became an Elephant Micah album. I recruited Beth Remis from Static Films (and more recently Pillars and Tongues) to help arrange/sing harmonies for the songs, and generally bring them up to pseudo-gospel snuff. We played the songs around the upper midwest once with Ben Racher on a portable pump organ and Jason Henn on upright bass. All of us got together in Indianapolis in 2006 and recorded this. I drove everyone crazy with my insistence on weird recording methods. I think I was kind of trying to approximate the timbres of the hymn sing broadcast on Salem, Indiana's WSLM. Who knows? I was critical of the results and didn't finalize them for several years."
Here it is finally, a kind of "prequel" companion to the Hindu Windmills album.
Available from Time-Lag Records by e-mailing sinewave23@aol.com.
Elephant Micah
Plays the Songs of the Bible Birds
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1. Cardinals
2. Free as the Freest
3. Loop and Lil
4. The Brighter Bird, the Better
5. Imaginary Melodies
6. Are You a Christian?
7. Paradise
8. To Exit this Circular Highway
9. Auto-Lullaby

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Time-Lag Records
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