Kaki King - Junior (2010)

Kaki King is an alternative singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist, and new album "Junior" sees her joined by drummer Jordan Perison and multi-instrumentalist Dan Brantigan. Her career spans more than the past ten years with critical acclaim and fan admiration aplenty.
Taking a new direction from her previous work, King has worked closely with trusted musicians to create an album of ecclectic variety from punk to dance-rock providing inspiration. Occasional interludes are provided by purely instrumental tracks while the rest of the album features heartfelt vocals and originality.
The first thing you notice about King's latest album is the variety, with everything from upbeat dance to soothing instrumentals perfectly balanced throughout. With an ambient vocal style that isn't always perfect she reminds me of the mid-nineties indie scene, most notably Sleeper and Catatonia, whose female vocalist would front their performances with a unique sound to divide them from the other bands around. The lo-fi recording style often lends an air of delicacy, even to the heavier and more upbeat tracks on the album, which won't be to everyone's taste, but it would be an injustice to not mention the talent and creativity that shines through every track. Kaki King isn't the kind of artist you put on in the background, or someone you would watch live to bounce around to, and Junior is an album that demands your full attention while rewarding you with fantastic alternative rock. Stand out moments include Spit It Back In My Mouth and Communist Friends. 
Kaki King
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1. The Betrayer
2. Spit It Back In My Mouth
3. Everything Has An End Even Sadness
4. Falling Day
5. The Hoopers Of Hudspeth
6. My Nerves That Committed Suicide
7. I’ve Enjoyed As Much As I Can Stand
8. Hallucinations From My Poisonous German Streets
9. Death Head
10. Sloan Shore
11. Sunnyside

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Rounder / Pgd
Brooklyn, New York, United States
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