Butterfly Explosion - Lost Trails (2010)

Kill Hannah just barreling down the highway, lit up from a half dozen martinis after work. The Birthday Massacre paying closer attention to the text message than the road. Explosions in the Sky falling asleep at the wheel with explosives in the trailer. Placebo looking for a cd on the floor. All converging on the intersection of U2 and My Bloody Valentine. From the ensuing carnage rises The Butterfly Explosion, a particularly good band with a particularly awful name, and a perfect combination of genres. 

Butterfly Explosion
Lost Trails
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192 kbps

1. Closer
2. Tracing Stars
3. Sophia
4. Chemistry
5. Automatic
6. Turn In You
7. Insulate Dreams
8. Carpark
9. Crash... See You On The Other Side
10. A Nearer Sky
11. A Warmer Moment

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Revive Records
Dublin, Ireland
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