Lonelady - Nerve Up (2010)

LoneLady is to release her debut album "Nerve Up" on the 22nd February 2010 in the UK & Europe, and on the 23rd in the US. The album follows the release of a limited edition 'Immaterial' 7-inch, which is available to download for free below. 

Born two miles east of Manchester city centre and having lived for 10 years right next to a motorway, the Mancunian Way, a stone’s throw from the Arndale Centre, Canal Street, all the shitty, brilliant pubs, clubs, dives, stinking canals, redbrick council estates, leafy suburbs and tarted-up ‘quarters’, LoneLady could walk around Manchester blindfolded. She loves / hates it, it is her home, so she had to record there.
A fan of first albums, believing them to be a dоcument of struggle, real-ness and wilderness, a lot of LoneLady’s favourite albums are debuts, and she didn’t want to go to London or anywhere else to record ‘Nerve Up’.
LoneLady, AKA Julie Campbell is a self-styled writer, vocalist and tight guitarist. With little more than thorny determination and a shoestring budget, she built a secluded ramshackle studio in the belly of one of Manchester’s crumbling mills and created ‘Nerve Up’ (co-produced by Guy Fixsen known for his work with My Bloody Valentine, The Breeders and Stereolab) in the span of four weeks.
The aesthetics of this ex-mill were a pure joy for LoneLady and invoked the ghosts of bands she loves ... (Joy Division, ESG, Wire, Grace Jones, The Fall, Suicide, PiL) …”grainy black and white images depicting the kind of spaces that have barely changed over the past 30 years, where ghosts stretch from the past and point to the future.”
Nerve Up
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320 kbps

1. If Not Now
2. Intuition
3. Nerve Up
4. Early The Haste Has Come
5. Marble
6. Immaterial
7. Cattletears
8. Have No Past
9. Army
10. Fear No More

Manchester, United Kingdom
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