Look What I Did - Atlas Drugged (2010)

"Barry Donegan has a soaring, precise voice, and with all the vibes and moods LWID explore, it feels like someone is randomly hitting radio station presets. However, instead of a meandering journey through someones record collection, LWID have continuity and songs providing a support structure for their experimentation" - DECIBEL MAGAZINE 
"Look What I Did are the missing link between the Beach Boys and Lightning Bolt" - METAL HAMMER MAGAZINE 
"LOOK WHAT I DID... is the sort of band that nudges the bar upward for everyone, and makes that much more room for individual quirkiness and deliberate madness in the overall metal canon" -BLABBERMOUTH.NET 
"with numerous moments of genius routinely explored, there are twisted visions here that not even hallucinogenic's could provide." -THEPRP.COM 
"A recent appearance at Cincinnati's Viper Room showed Look What I Did to be a live act capable of unleashing a scary, uncontrolled intensity bordering on dangerous. " Cincinnati CityBeat 
This is the hammer that crashes all around. Their spark of defiance brought to life a frankenstein monster, pieced together from all genres of music. Really, really great. Enjoy!
Look What I Did
Atlas Drugged
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1. Six Flags Over Jesus
2. Fade To Daft
3. Jekyll Island Fiat Scratch
4. Holding Pattern
5. I'm Majoring In Psychology
6. My Girlfriend, Leo Strauss
7. Serf Song
8. Sh*t $
9. Pussy Comitatus
10. Quit It
11. Haematospermia
12. Baby Darwins

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Modernist Movement
Nashville, United States
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