The Rebel - The Incredible Hulk (2010)

"A new full length LP by Country Teasers frontman Ben The Rebel Wallers is always something to savour. "The Incredible Hulk" is a brooding and brilliant work. Its darkness is punctured by skewed, experimental pop songs. The epic, pitch-black opener 'Ambient Pasteman' details childrens TV character Postman Pat's relationship problems ("Postman Pat booted out his wife because Postman Pat didn't like his wife" and is followed by the poppier 'Cherish' ("we must cherish the drugs we have, for as long as we have the drugs") and the anthemic 'Aiming Low, Getting High' (released on 7" by Lexi-Disques last year). 'Christmas Every Day' is a snapshot of a nightmare - a man talks in earnest about how he celebrates Christmas every day, watching the Queen's speech on endless video loops. The voice emerges from monstrous guitar noise and machine gun fire. Wallers' satirical gifts are to the fore in 'On My Own' - it has a rather catchy chorus but the lyrics are an interpolation of a popular paedophile joke which then works as an intro for  'The Forest'  - a psychotic recontextualization of 'A Forest' by The Cure. A crackling copy of that record is put on and gets stuck on Robert Smith's familiar vocal  "again and again and again" - looping over and over. Is this an acid blast at 60's-80's recycling in the moribund British pop scene, a twisted tribute, or a sick joke? Or all of the above? The Rebel is fucking with us again - thank God. The Incredible Hulk is also The Rebel's most colorful LP ever." --Junior Aspirin

The Rebel
The Incredible Hulk
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1. A1 - Ambient Pasteman
2. A2 - Cherish
3. A3 - Aiming Low, Getting High
4. A4 - Moths
5. B1 - Christmas Every Day
6. B2 - On My Own
7. B3 - The Forest
8. B4 - Riding in the Sun
9. B5 - The Song at the End of the Album

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Junior Aspirin Records
United Kingdom
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