Picastro - Become Secret (2010)

Toronto’s Picastro are a dark bunch. Their fourth album "Become Secret" is a deep, gloomy mix of timebeaten piano, brooding cello, acoustic guitar and squalling electronics, which vocalist Liz Hysen prowls tenderly and painfully over, sounding like a djinn conjured from somewhere beneath the vocal chords of Cat Power, Nina Nastasia and Grouper’s Liz Harris. The album was reputedly influenced by Westerns, the literature of Cormac McCarthy, the Bible and other, equally-foreboding sources, so don’t expect any fluff or cheer — a good case in point is Hysen’s prose on ‘Split Head’, where she drawls: ‘you’re head won’t feel the burn, I loved you till you were down, thanks for the lifetime, you’ve done hell for me.’ Musically Become Secret pulls influences as diverse as 1960s/70s alternative rock, European folk music and contemporary post-rock together as a cohesive whole. From pensive instrumental pieces (’A Dune A Doom’, ‘A Neck In The Desert’) and dejected vocal harmonising (’Suttee’, featuring Viking Moses’s Brendon Massei) to the haunted finale ‘The Stiff’, it’s both the most refined of Picastro’s four outings to date (the last being Whore Luck in 2007) and contains moments of undoubted beauty (’Pig & Sucker’, ‘Neva’) which will endear Become Secret to anyone with an interest in avant-folk or the dark musical arts.

P.S. "Ochi Chernie"(Black Eyes on english) from MySpace is pretty funny :)

Become Secret
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1. Twilight Parting
2. A Dune A Doom
3. Pig & Sucker
4. Spilt Head
5. I Know My Time Now
6. Neva
7. Suttee
8. A Neck In The Desert
9. The Stiff

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Monotreme Records
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