Guinea Worms - Sorcererers of Madness (4rd Year in a Row!) (2010)

 For the past 10 or 12 years the Guinea Worms have been, in just about every way, the perfect rock band. They are loud and heavy and have a talent for playing songs that make the stupidest shit seem profound. They can also make normal shit seem gross and gross shit seem sexy. If you've ever experienced existential dread at the thought of hostess cupcakes, thought the B-52's Rock Lobster is a metaphor for premature ejaculation, or realized that for all their high falutin' art talk, 95% of DEV-O's songs are about Mark Mothersbaugh's foot fetish, you will understand the Worms. For us here in Columbus, OH they are the Ramones, Country Teasers, Budgie and Gary Glitter all rolled up into one creepy freakazoid package. I'm not sure what it says about CDR as an organization, but they've been one of our favorite bands for forever. 

So, In early 2008, following the release of the 'Box of Records' single (the fastest selling record in CDR history), we asked Will Foster (the King Worm and Comper) for an LP, and he turned in 12 CD-R's. The vast majority of it was solid gold, it was all so good, in fact, that it took us about a year to get it pared down to 2 LP's. The end result is a mosaic portrait culling from over a decade worth of material in the Will Foster archive. It represents the Worms at various stages of intoxication/sobriety/Fall worship.

Edition of 550, 100 sets on Pink/Orange, 450 sets on black. All in hand signed 2xLP gatefold sleeve w/ 5x7 photo.

Guinea Worms
Sorcererers of Madness (4rd Year in a Row!)
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1. Bugged
2. Drunk in yr Uggs
3. Accidental Space Tourist
4. Lounge Waltz
5. Kick in the Door
6. Come Here Baby
7. Afternoon Party
8. Never Giving Up
9. B.I.S.I
10. Sex Against a Wall
11. The Trail
12. BBQ
13. Maggot Therapy
14. B.T.K.
15. Oliver Reed
16. Haymaker
17. Taking Lives
18. Apples in the Oatmeal
19. Zingers
20. I'm Taken
21. Greater
22. Lafeyette

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Columbus Discount
Columbus, Ohio, United States
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