So Cow - Meaningless Friendly (2010)

Second studio album by Irish musician So Cow. Released February 2010 (label says it will out only in March) on Chicago's Tic Tac Totally records. Enjoy!

TTT wrote:

"I finally hold in my stupid hands A SO COW LP! Here's 18 choice numbers from Tuam's favored songsmith and overall pop genius Brian Kelly. This LP includes selected tracks from his self-released CDs, the two singles, plus a dash of new material making it the fucking greatest LP ever made. Hahaha. All of this was remastered from the original recordings by Mr. Bob Weston (the archival genius that brought ya that J.T. IV LP) and his slightly less expensive accomplice Carl Saff. So no expense nor headache was spared to bring you the finest in So Cow tunery just in time for his world fucking tour. Brace yourself American buttheads.

For those who do not know So Cow, get this! For those who know So Cow, I know you will already! For people looking forward to the Homosexuals LP...this will do for now! We finally trapped the goods in a good proper LP.

Should I keep writing about it? No!! Fuck this description! Buy it!"

So Cow
Meaningless Friendly
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1. Start Over
2. Shut Eye
3. International Waters
4. Dunno
5. The Tony Keady Affair
6. Limboat
7. Mokpo
8. Girl Racer
9. Away Leg
10. (I've Got A) Horrible Feeling
11. Hell
12. Random Girls
13. Bit Late for That Now, Innit
14. Ain't No Fun (iTunes Bonus Track)
15. Laughing Disaster (iTunes Bonus Track)
16. Hiding In the Bathroom (iTunes Bonus Track)

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Tic Tac Totally Records
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