Fishermans Mission - This Is Therapy (2010)


This is debut recording from Plymouth electro progressive rock band Fishermans Mission. Here is some reviews from various magazines:

"Support comes from Plymouth upstarts Fishermans Mission, who played for the very first time just a couple of weeks ago and completely blew everyone away with their electronica-fused spiky progressive rock. They have an excellent pedigree, being ex-members/members of Rebuild The Doxa and Head Of Programmes."

Evening Herald, June 08

"Plymouth newbies, Fishermans Mission, were a promising prospect of indie-lectro twiddles and melodic muscle, although a flat sound did little to accenturate the band's restless dynamics."

24/7 Magazine, Nov 08

"Fishermans Mission proved themselves worthy with electronica-embellished, triple-guitar indie-rock that fitted, at will, between epic and idiosyncratic. Good call."

24/7 Magazine, Apr 09

So, if you are interesting in progressive music, you should listen to this album. Enjoy!

Fishermans Mission
This Is Therapy
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Release date: 

1. Serendipity
2. Swan Breaks Arm
3. Desire Lines
4. Torr
5. Makoto
6. Pretend You're My Wife
7. The Last Human
8. Broken Cup

Music label: 
UPR Records
United Kingdom
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