ZXYZXY - C.A.B. (2010)



"I have been thinking for several weeks about how I should write all this out. So, instead of taking any of the thought process into consideration, I’ve decided to just go with it.

This album has wanted to be written for almost four years now. The reason why it has taken so long, is because all the ideas I had in my head had no place with the current skills I had at the time. In fact, I had only flirted with making music on the computer on and off as a hobby for several months prior. 

I’m glad I made this album finally, but the reason why it’s even here is… well, something I wish never happened.

A friend died almost four years ago. In fact, I originally planned to release this on that date (05/03/2010), but I have my reasons for not doing it; there will be something else that will take that date instead. I’d rather not have my feelings on the events be edged up close to what will be (I am sure) on the opposite side of the spectrum, and maybe even more appropriate for the people who knew her. I don’t even know if the people who knew her as well or better would even find this release something that should be in relation. I respect those individuals, so I’ve stripped away the art I was going to use, and decided to just leave her initials instead.

If you read this, then the ambiguity disappears. Maybe it’ll even leave a stronger impact. I hope so.

This entire album encompasses my feelings about her and what happened on that day. It’s a seamless musical rollercoaster that demands your attention. It’s listening to music for music’s sake; not to drown out silence.

Lie down on the floor and just hit play."

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