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British indie rockers Scanners aren't exactly new, but we wouldn't blame you for not having heard of them. Formed in 2004, the London-based quartet has toured the world with the likes of The Horrors,Tthe Wedding Present, Charlatans UK, Electric Six and Juliette & the Licks; but they've only managed to put out one album, their quietly-released 2006 debut 'Violence Is Golden'. 

Scanners previously low profile may about to be seriously elevated, however, thanks to their stunning sophomore album 'Submarine'. Released February 16th on Steve Aoki's Dim Mak label, the record was produced by Stephen Hague (New Order, Peter Gabriel, Siouxsie and the Banshees) and demonstrates that Sarah Daly (vocals, bass, violin), Matt Mole (guitar, vocals, synths), Amina (guitar, keys) and Tom (drums) have significantly upped their game since their debut. 'Submarine' is a pulsing, gorgeous modern rock masterpiece spearheaded by frontwoman Sarah Daly. Daly's plaintive howl will no doubt draw comparisons to PJ Harvey — but that isn’t exactly a bad thing, particularly when she’s got the chops to warrant the comparison. “Salvation” combines ominous lyrics with a dark buildup that explodes with Daly wailing, “I need the love I crave/Your hands they burn like mine/I’ll take you to my grave.” On “Half a Mind (Dream Forever),” she delivers a string of heady lines, such as “Every generation, they must kill themselves in their own way” and “No one wants to buy your body when you give it all away.” Similarly cynical, introspective and analytical barbs fly throughout the album. “Strangelovehate” is a darkwave delight, while “A Girl Like You” is simply gorgeous, regardless of what label you try to assign it.


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1. Jesus Saves
2. We Never Close Our Eyes
3. Salvation
4. Baby Blue
5. Sick Love
6. A Girl Like You
7. Strangelovehate
8. Goodbye
9. Half A Mind (Dreamer Forever)
10. Sleepwalking Life
11. Halfway Home

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London, United Kingdom
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