U.S. Girls - Go Grey (2010)

Megan Remy's U.S. Girls returns with a sophomore album for Siltbreeze, launching an assault on all standards of taste and decency within the sound engineering community by serving up one of the scuzziest, most smudged out, inky records of the moment. When first I heard Remy's work (last week), mentions of Grouper immediately sprang to mind, and that's certainly still the case, but while Liz Harris tends to use her auditory smog as a coquettish veil for whatever beautiful ephemera lies beneath, Remy always seems to converge on the rawer side of lo-fi tape treatments and vocal manipulation. "The second full-length release by U.S. Girls is an even more fully realized excursion into a hazy alternate universe where pop vocals and muzzy scree fuse in harmony. Go Grey conjures up ambient aerosols while luminous kaleidoscopes of sound sizzle, peak, and explode. Megan Remy is a chanteuse from (perhaps) the future, guiding all who choose to sail an evocative trip through her unique aural hallucinogenic landscapes. It's a journey of lush vistas, warm currents, and complex beauties. 23nd-Century-style, of course. So come aboard and see why U.S. Girls is being hailed the Eno of the '50s--the 2250s! Can you imagine? Let's hope so."

U.S. Girls
Go Grey
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1. Turnaround Time
2. Summer of the Yellow Dress
3. Red Ford Radio
4. Sleeping on Glass
5. I Don't Have a Mind of My Own
6. His Son's Future
7. The Mountain's High
8. Blue Eyes on the Blvd
9. Down on Jackson

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Philadelphia, United States
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