Magik Markers and Sic Alps - Split 12" (EP) (2009)

Magic Markers (

Sic Alps (

Yik Yak wrote:

    Split 12” anticipating their upcoming December 2009 West Coast tour together. Sic Alps give up three trackswith help from Lars Finberg (Intelligence) and Ty Segall, the highlight being a great punched-in guitar solo from Matt Hartman that makes one song reminiscent of a "Safe As Milk" outtake. Markers show up with a 7ft bass player who throws the band into Guru Guru mode. Great all around. 600 copies only

aQ wrote:

    A new record from Sic Alps is always cause for celebration, especially if you dig washed out, reverb drenched, stumbling noise pop, which is precisely what you get on these three new tracks, the first, an abstract drift of angular clang, murky crooning, barely-there rhythm, dark and a little dirge-y, but with a gorgeous streak of melancholy melody. The second track is way less abstract, still tweaked and a bit off kilter, with some tangly Eastern sounding guitar melodies WAY up in the mix, but right below, a simple drum part, some sad boy singing, mumbly one second, and belting out a little falsetto the next, a pretty pop song subverted, and transformed into a gorgeous staggering lo-fi sprawl. The last of the three is maybe the prettiest, total classic fuzzy pop, lilting and catchy, but again wrapped in a warped woozy haze, that makes the song sound like it's subtly changing speed throughout. Tweaked and twisted, but still so goddamn catchy.

    Magik Markers Counter with three tracks of their own, forgoing most of the pop for something much more tripped out and psychedelic, clouds of swirling psych guitar over almost krautlike drumming, the vocals formless and all tangled up with flurries of wah guitar, everything looped and stretched out and blurred into a full-on unhinged, reverb drenched, washed out, dreamy and druggy space rock trip out, some of our favorite MM stuff for sure. Super swank, thick glossy jackets, and most likely limited...

Magik Markers and Sic Alps
Split 12" (EP)
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1. Sic Alps - Guxxe Bathe Ballade
2. Sic Alps - Long Cheveux
3. Sic Alps - The Greatest
4. Magik Markers - The Diamond Guitar Of Tico Feo
5. Magik Markers - White Map Laid With White Inks On White Walls
6. Magik Markers - Tighten One And Loosen The Other

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