Kommun - Kommun (2009)

Sweden just got its 291:st Municipality. Since it was created as a manifestation of the idea of direct democracy, the chosen name was Kommun (meaning Muncipality in Swedish) . The men behind the new institution has a background in the town called stersund and the bands Vapnet, Sibiria and Hospitalet. They deliver politics and black humor, together with classic guitar pop. Harmonies and
production are recognized, but the sound is updated with a crunchiness that comes from a successful
recording trip to Henrik Ojas studio in Ume.

In addition, the community has changed language to English, without losing the sharpness and  humor that characterizes the aforementioned bands. Many of the songs concern the conflict between ideology and practice, Sense and Sensibility. Kommun catches how the heart stops beating in a greedy C.E.O in the text of Death of a CEO and wonder if it is the angels singing for the dying one, or just laughing voices from the poor and unemployed

In true collectivist spirit, the songwriters Martin Abrahamsson, Martin Hanberg and Erik Laquist write
four songs each. And when the band enters the stage of the debut gig, we would be really surprised if
not everyone in the band stands behind a microphone not to sing in, but for talking to the audience
in their own words between the songs.

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1. I Don't Say Anything
2. Death Of A CEO
3. Beauty Lies Not In The Eye
4. Lame
5. Let Me Go
6. The Open Relationship
7. Your Lover From Berlin
8. Achilles
9. Between The Lines
10. When We Were Whining
11. All You Can Eat
12. Five Lives

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Stockholm, Sweden
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