Puerto Rican Dinner Music - Puerto Rican Dinner Music (EP) (2010)

Lo-fi, partially improvised piano-rock? As if a Billy Joel impersonator did slightly too many drugs with a few friends. This EP begins with a bongo-and-piano evocation of the title genre, and then goes everywhere from nonsense-barbershop ("Be A Dot") to experimental vocalizations with tribal drums ("After Dinner"), to a couple-three normal pop songs. But the centerpiece is the finale, an impassioned interpretation of the Jurassic Park theme song as performed solo on the recorder. Hot damn. Recorded live, with a little reverb.

Sorry, I haven't found artist information such as myspace or label. Even photo. Maybe you can help? :)

Puerto Rican Dinner Music
Puerto Rican Dinner Music (EP)
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320 kbps

1. The Waiter Is My Friend
2. Puerto Rican Dinner Music
3. Abe Lincoln Envy
4. Be A Dot
5. After Dinner
6. Dessert And Coffee
7. The Cheque

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