Midlake – The Courage Of Others (2010)

Three years ago, Midlake released The Trials Of Van Occupanther, a sweetly harmonized, intimately rocking sophomore album that took them far away from their native Denton, TX, placing them on big tours and year-end lists and the like. This third album’s taken time, by design. As they told Jessica in their Progress Report, “We didn’t know exactly what we wanted, but we know we didn’t want to make the same album as last time. We could have made 10 albums with the amount of time we’ve spent, but that doesn’t mean they’d be saying anything great.” Instead they committed to 40-hour work weeks in order to move away from the last record’s “Fleetwood Mac-y America” with a shift toward, at least in part, “British folk scene of late ’60s stuff.” The set finally has a release date — 2/2 via Bella Union in the States, and the day before in the UK — and an official title in The Courage Of Others.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for all folk fans there.

The Courage Of Others
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1. Acts of Man
2. Winter Dies
3. Small Mountain
4. Core of Nature
5. Fortune
6 Rulers, Ruling All Things
7. Children of the Grounds
8. Bring Down
9. The Horn
10. The Courage of Others
11. In the Ground

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Bella Union
Denton, Texas, United States
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